Bitou Family Care provides children who experienced major family crises and conflicts, neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or other traumatic experiences a home with a family-like condition where they experience love, acceptance and security. 

An atmosphere is created where the children are able to identify their personal conflicts and individual challenges and make use of the offered guidance. Within the framework of primary care the children find emotional affection, help and support in all the daily issues of life. They are individually raised and get helpful suggestions and perspectives for a successful and self-dependent life. The goal is for them to recover emotional stability, improve social and life skills, overcome their traumatic past, grow in self-confidence, develop a strong personality and view life with hope. 

Following the model of Home from Home (see Our Partners for more information), one foster mother looks after six children in one house. The children are involved in accomplishing daily tasks (kitchen work, cleaning rooms and compound, car wash, garden work), through which they learn self-dependence and a sense of community is built.

Bitou Family Care is currently running two foster homes and provides permanent accommodation for 12 children aged one to 18 years.


Based on the model of Metro Ministires in New York City, USA, Kids Club is a mobile outreach programme that teaches life and social skills to children aged 6-12 in the communities of Kurland, Wittedrift and Kranshoek. We are currently reaching between 700 and 800 children a week and hope to expand the programme to the communities of New Horizons and Kwanokuthula, thereby doubling our reach.

Through interactive fun and games, a safe space is created where important life lessons can be imparted. Children are given the opportunity to make decisions to pursue a purposeful life and weekly sessions give them the encouragement and follow-up to live up to those decisions.


We believe that change starts with the women in our society. Like the ripples of a stone in a pond, first they learn and grow. Then they affect their children, spouses and other family members. This in turn changes the community, and lastly society at large is altered.

This is why we run family and personal development seminars for between 40 - 100 local women and mothers. We do this on a multi level basis. We all have roles in our society and stepping into these roles equipped and understanding our worth, strength, and purpose is an extremely empowering experience.




Because of our contact in the community, we address certain needs as they are identified. Currently we are distributing food donated by local supermarkets to between 20 and 80 families on a weekly basis.